T a s t i e r    y e t    He a l t h i e r
Tasty Dosa's and more...

Re-discover  the taste, aroma and texture of SouthIndian cuisine  with our  cookware

Enjoy the ease of making crispy and fluffy Dosa and Aappam

Traditional and aromatic cooking. Now you can actually smell  Dosa while its being made

Delicious Poriyals, Varuvals, Masiyals and Bhaajis. Roast spices for aromatic Podis and Chutneys, from our solid Kadais. 

Healthy & tasty cooking with the benefit of Iron intake. 

Sturdy build Quality with an Elegant Design

COVID19 Alert
Due to the Lock down in Chennai, our deliveries will be suspended from 19th june to 30th june 2020. 


created by Nirmal Vel