What's it about ?


Its about Healthy living with taste. Its about Tradition and convenience. Its about the rudiments of our cooking styles.


It started with a Dosa Kallu. A classic cast iron pan was lost while shifting home, which led me to the neighbourhood branded kitchen store in search of a replacement. The absolute lack of Cast Iron Dosa Pans - in a dosa loving nation - got to me. The only option was chemical coated non stick pans, which wasn't an option due to its cancerous risks.

After a few calls, I was at an alley in Rattan Bazaar. Since the heavy/thick cast iron pans were no longer available, I settled for the light weight cast iron pan - which turned out to be some form of 'wrought iron' (the kind used in making decorative stairs).

However, the dosa couldn't be made right away, for reasons not so obvious. The pan was rusty and needed a good scrub with soapy water. I applied liberal coats of cooking oil and let it soak overnight. The next morning's trial, was an absolute disaster, as the batter stuck to the pan.

A few reasons emerged as to why people opt for non stick pans despite the obvious health hazards. Such as;

a) Non Availability of actual Cast Iron Pans

b) Seasoning was a difficult technique which varied from person to person

c) Cast Iron pans appear crude and dirty

d) Steel (not iron) Pans take far too long to  season and do not retain their seasoning

Our sturdy Cast Iron Pans and Kadais are seasoned, safe and healthy to cook on. They are easy to use and get better with age.

The delicious taste, goodness of iron intake, elegant design and long product life, all come free with every En Pan.